Looking to Up-Skill Your Team?

Why Training is needed? 

CoQual, a global workplace think tank, defines “belonging” as feeling seen, connected, supported, and proud at work. Improving belonging is good for business. 

Research shows that when employees feel a sense of belonging, their job performance increases (+56%) and turnover decreases (-50%) which is highly valuable for the organization. Yet, women and minorities feel less supported, included and connected than their peers.

Boston Consulting Group conducted a study across 1,700 companies to analyze the relationship between diversity and performance and found that companies with greater managerial diversity - including gender, age, national origin, career path, industry background, and education - achieved 19% higher innovation revenues and 9% higher profit margins. Yet, women and diverse talent face many challenges in the workplace. 

According to the McKinsey Global Institute report, the number of people in the global labor force will reach 3.5 billion by 2030. Yet the competition for global talent will intensify with the shortage of skilled workers. Thus, learning how to lead and manage across cultures will be key to winning the talent war and the global marketplace. 

Signature Workshops – Virtual and In-Person

Building Your Executive Presence

We will discuss the intra-personal (self) and inter-personal (others) components that define Executive Presence: 1) Intra-personal work includes mindset shifts and letting go of assumptions that may be holding you back. Participants will learn how to leverage Confidence, Comfort and Enthusiasm to increase Executive Presence. 2) Inter-personal work involves how we interact with others and address expectations that impact perception. Participants will learn how Gravitas, Communication and Looking the Part influences Executive Presence.

Women's leadership

We will discuss how to navigate these gender biases and double standards and how to create strategies to overcome them. In addition, we will explore how to create the habits, behaviors and mindset to succeed including increasing self-awareness, leveraging your emotional intelligence, building and leveraging business relationships, finding your voice, building your professional brand, enrolling supporters in achieving your goals, and letting go of perfectionism. 

Conducting business across cultures

We will discuss the skills, attitudes and behaviors needed to work across cultures in order to cope with the increased complexities that result from managing and leading across global responsibilities, influencing without authority, and leading and managing change across cultural and geographic boundaries. In addition, we will explore how to deepen our self-awareness, ask and give feedback, and collaborate together.

Fostering workplace belonging

We will explore and discuss empowering concepts and work dynamics that help increase sense of belonging and inclusion including self-awareness, openness to learning, improve decision making, and create stronger social connections.

Additional Workshops/Training Include:

  • Enhancing Team Collaboration
  • Elevating your Strategic Thinking
  • Leadership through Change and Uncertainty
  • Storytelling and Communicating with Impact
  • Managing Up, Down and Sideways
  • Building and Leveraging Professional Relationships
  • Influencing and Stakeholder Management
  • Managing Your Reputation and “Leadership Brand”
  • Emotional Intelligence and Situational Awareness
  • Self-Promotion and Managing Your Career
  • Career Transition for Marketing Executives


Leadership Effectiveness & Resilience
  • Enhanced Executive Presence to be Seen, Heard as a leader
  • Increased Leadership Effectiveness & Strategic Thinking
  • Communicating with Impact & Storytelling
  • Navigating Organization’s structure and politics
Enhanced Collaboration & Impact
  • Improved Listening & understanding
  • Building Trusting Professional Relationships
  • Breaking down Silos and Influencing others
  • Co-creation and improved execution of ideas
Accelerated Innovation
  • Improved decision-making
  • Mindset of Experimentation
  • Calculated risk-taking
  • Enhanced Strategic Thinking
  • Openness and Initiative to Lead Change