With Jenny Fernandez
Leadership Coach & Brand Strategic Consultant
Scale-up Professionally
Meet Jenny Position Yourself for Growth Design Your Brand Up-Skill Your Team
By harnessing the power of Strategic Communications, Collaboration and Innovative Thinking. How can we drive growth in an increasingly competitive marketplace? Jenny’s mission is to help successful leaders and organizations position their brands to drive exponential growth by unlocking Strategic Communications, Collaboration, and Innovative Thinking.  Meet Jenny Jenny Fernandez Leadership & Branding Coach, Board Advisor, and Keynote Speaker
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Executive, CEO/Founders, Rising Leaders and Team coaching to enhance leadership effectiveness, executive presence, and influencing with impact to drive business and professional growth.


Hands-on Team and Group Training and Interactive discussions to up-skill rising leaders and teams to navigate, influence and succeed in a decentralized marketplace.


Inspirational talks that engage and motivate the audience to think strategically about growth and creatively about driving solutions into action.




Schedule Discovery Session

Start your coaching journey with a short and insightful discovery Consultation to assess fit, and discuss your goals, needs, and current situation.

Co-design Strategy and roadmap for success

Every other week, you will meet with Jenny for 60-minute virtual coaching sessions. Discuss, strategize and optimize your plan. Continue your progress between sessions with check-ins, readings, and real-life experimentation.


Track new leadership behaviors, and coaching results and optimize your goals with real-life feedback.


Increased Leadership Effectiveness
  • Enhanced Executive Presence to be Seen, Heard as a leader 
  • Elevating Your Strategic Thinking & Storytelling
  • Communicating with Impact
  • Navigating Organization’s structure and politics
  • Executive Presence
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Improved Strategic Communication
  • Enhanced ability to Navigate Organization’s structure and politics
Enhanced Collaboration & Impact
  • Improved Listening & understanding
  • Building Trusting Professional Relationships
  • Breaking down Silos and Influencing others
  • Co-creation and improved execution of ideas
Accelerated Innovation
  • Improved decision-making
  • Mindset of Experimentation
  • Calculated risk-taking


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Recommended by a mutual contact as one of the leading coaches for transitions, Jenny immediately impressed me. She helped me redefine success and envision a broader future for myself. Looking back on our coaching engagement, I can confidently endorse Jenny as one of the top executive coaches. If you're seeking a game-changing and powerful experience, Jenny Fernandez is the one to go to.

Hayat Yussuf, MBA, LMSW , Psychotherapist and Leadership Coach at Weill Cornell Medicine

I hired Jenny Fernandez for a 3-month executive coaching engagement to transform my executive brand to navigate scaling up a start-up structure. With her deep insights, strategic thinking and drive for results, she quickly raised my self-awareness, helped me identify my brands’ unique point of difference and guided me to create my own action plan. With her support, I have implemented the detailed steps to get to my final destination establishing myself as a beauty expert, a new product development leader for the China market and expanding my personal interests in interior design & decoration. I highly recommend Jenny to anyone who is ready to elevate their executive brand and professional effectiveness.

Holly Duncan , Global Innovation Lead, EltaMD – a Colgate Palmolive Company

Jenny is an energetic, inspiring speaker on the topic of personal transformation. We asked Jenny to be one of the keynote speakers at the 14th Annual Kellogg Symposium where she spoke a couple of times: she did a 20 min TEDx-style talk for 250 attendees and a sold out interactive 1 hr workshop on the topic of personal and professional transformation. She shared trends, best practices and challenged us to look internally to who we wanted to be 3 years from now. This process challenged us to reflect, become more self-aware and to create our own personal action plan for self-improvement. We would highly recommend her to others!

Michelle Rider , CMO Marvin & Ex-Amazon

Jenny has been a valuable coach and advisor as I transitioned into a new role internal to my company. She helped me navigate key stakeholder relationships and elevate my communication style. I have an increased self-awareness around my personal brand and continue to look for opportunities to use storytelling to demonstrate my leadership skills and impact.

Deanna Gray Mathis , Director of Customer Experience (CX) at Shaw Industries

Jenny recently worked with me as my executive coach, and I cannot recommend her enough. Over the course of our sessions, she worked with me to develop strategies to help strengthen executive presence and build better and more collaborative work relationships. Thanks to my work with Jenny, I feel more confident in my career and professional leadership capabilities.

Jordan Bailey, JD , Senior Legislative Policy Advisor at DoorDash

I had the pleasure of having Jenny Fernandez as my Leadership Coach. Jenny provided tools and resources to help me develop my cross-functional and executive leadership with key stakeholders within our organization. She gave me new ways to approach conversations, mindset shifts, and a strategic roadmap for career growth. As a result, I was able to strengthen my confidence to build existing and new relationships that had transformative change and improved collaboration with my peers and leadership.

Josephine Hsu , Director of Ad Sales – CPG Partnerships, DoorDash

I worked with Jenny for several months, extending our partnership due to her positive impact on my professional development. Jenny was so much more than a coach, she was a friend that provided encouragement AND tough advice when I needed to hear it. Her sessions were hands-on and ultimately culminated in a major career advancement - a promotion! I don't know how she does it all, but I'm grateful to have worked with Jenny and recommend her to anyone seeking help with their executive presence and or career.

Natalia Wodecki , Senior Director of Global Integrated Marketing Communications and PR at Zscaler

I got the opportunity to work with Jenny through a Leadership Program offered by Zscaler. It wasn't until I met her that I realized the importance of an executive coach and the value such an engagement can bring. Jenny provided me with a fresh perspective on leadership, brand building, and strategic thinking. Jenny's professionalism, passion for coaching and mentoring, and drive to give individuals the power of thought had a profound impact on me. As a result of her coaching, I was able to identify areas in which I could improve as a strategic thinker and leader, which played a pivotal role in my career growth. Jenny is extremely effective at identifying what is important and that allows you to remain focused. She is an excellent executive coach and I would highly recommend her.

Suruchi Sharma , Sr. Director, Digital Marketing, Zscaler

I had the opportunity to work with Jenny as my executive coach. She did an excellent job of not only asking questions to help me come to my own conclusions but providing advice where needed. Jenny focuses you on your priorities, helps develop a strategy, challenges your thinking, and holds you accountable to your plan. Appreciate her experience and guidance, and highly recommend her as a coach.

Daniel Dent , SVP, Retail Banking Executive at First Horizon Bank